An innovative digital currency rewarding eco-friendly choices.
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The Lumera Framework


Users get rewards for using green energy


Lumera promotes sustainable energy consumption


Lumera provides financial benefits for eco-friendly behaviors


All in one Plattform
One place for all EV rewards. Providing interconnectivity for all.
Benefits of Lumera
Long-Term Incentives
Provides an intuitive mobile app that tracks carbon footprint and offers personalized recommendations for reducing environmental impact.
User Friendly Approach
Lumera simplifies carbon tracking with a user-friendly mobile application, making it more accessible and manageable.
Removing Financial Obstacles
Offering discounted prices on recycled products and encouraging minor lifestyle changes without major financial investments.
Our Mission and Vision
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Lumera is dedicated to transforming the electric vehicle (EV) landscape by delivering a sustainable and user-friendly charging experience. Our goal is to enable EV owners to access charging facilities effortlessly while promoting eco-conscious behavior through our innovative rewards system. We are committed to accelerating the shift towards EVs and sustainable practices, thereby contributing to a healthier planet for future generations. Our mission also encompasses creating a digital currency ecosystem that simplifies payments, making green choices both attainable and appealing.
Our Vision
Lumera envisions a future where the adoption of electric vehicles is propelled by cutting-edge solutions that advocate for sustainability and reward eco-friendly actions. By offering Lumera tokens (LUM) as incentives for sustainable behaviors, we aim to foster widespread acceptance of EVs and contribute to a more sustainable and cleaner world. Our vision includes streamlining the payment process through our application and promoting the use of digital currency, thereby making environmentally responsible choices more accessible and gratifying for all.
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